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Commission: Hot Cocoa by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Hot Cocoa :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 117 10 Commission: HazardousFloof by Blitzy-Arts Commission: HazardousFloof :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 36 1 Commission: SavageMutt 1 by Blitzy-Arts Commission: SavageMutt 1 :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 35 0 Commission: WeDemFurz 2 by Blitzy-Arts Commission: WeDemFurz 2 :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 31 2 Commission: Trip by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Trip :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 33 1 Commission: iLunarThunder by Blitzy-Arts Commission: iLunarThunder :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 63 8 Commission: Bodker by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Bodker :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 50 8 Commission: WeDemFurz 3 by Blitzy-Arts Commission: WeDemFurz 3 :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 34 2 Snoot Boops by Blitzy-Arts Snoot Boops :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 60 9 Commission: Winter Stroll by Blitzy-Arts Commission: Winter Stroll :iconblitzy-arts:Blitzy-Arts 69 10 Ssa by Tuxisthename
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OwO by Tuxisthename OwO :icontuxisthename:Tuxisthename 25 2 Ideal by Tuxisthename Ideal :icontuxisthename:Tuxisthename 12 4 Ding ding by Tuxisthename Ding ding :icontuxisthename:Tuxisthename 7 0 Son by Tuxisthename Son :icontuxisthename:Tuxisthename 6 0 Seein Stars by Tuxisthename Seein Stars :icontuxisthename:Tuxisthename 50 3

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Dreaming :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0
Time waits for no one, and no one is my name.  Where ever I walk, I leave a trail of flames.  They're not the destructive kind, no they are of all colors and size.  I have left them to lead you by catching your eyes.
Time waits for few, and few is my name.  I'm quite shy and my friends are all away.  I am not very talkative, but when I talk I mean it.  If I scared your or hurt you, those are my feelings and you've seen it.
Time waits for space, and space is my name.  I am just here, nothing, and my days are the same.  I have tried to bond with people, but it never clicks.  Either I am invisible, or everybody's being a dick.
Time waits for time, and time is himself.  He'll call you out if you're leaving plans on the shelf.  The more you leave hanging, the faster he'll go.  If you had thoughts to share, hurry u before you go.
Time waits for no one, and no one is me.  Time is an unfair man, and life's but a dream.  If y
:iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 1 0
The Bus
Every once in a while, I have good days.  I get there, I talk, I eat, I learn and I get back home to talk about it.  Not too often do I have those days, but I breathe a sigh of relief when I am on the return bus without incident.  I call those days an achievement.  Like, for Christ's sake, if I get home without getting beat up, that's an achievement?
Let me dice it up.  Where I live, you survive by being elite.  You don't survive by being special, or by getting that little extra bit of help.  That's just not how it works here.  You survive by giving the best effort you can give, and having every advantage you can get your hands on.  That's how this town works.  It's either you soar above, or sink below.  To size up to that, being blind is all it takes to have sunk below.
These kids know what they need to get far here, and they are going to shoot the wounded to get it.  They want nobody else to have a chance.  They want al
:iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 2 0
The Beauty in the Morning
Norman described the sky as funny looking.  He said the clouds were pink, and the horizon was as green as the trees.  According to him, the mountains in that early morning seemed to form a direct gradient with the sky and just fade away to nothing as the sheets of pink formed just above them.
I love when he uses detail like he does.  He has just the right words for every picture.  When we're in school and the sun shines through the glass front doors and windows of the building, he tells me that the little stones in the tile flooring light up like fireflies.  He says that as the students walk past, it's like the swarm dances around the floor.
The simple moments fascinate him and he loves meeting me to talk about them.  I offer him a giggle or a smile from behind my hair and give him a hug as he walks me to class.  It's great to start the day with a little bit of beauty, because I know as long as I am in that building things are going to get nothing but
:iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 1 0
Sunset Series by YinzBlindHund Sunset Series :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 1 0 Pennsylvaina Sunsets by YinzBlindHund Pennsylvaina Sunsets :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0 Livewire Night by YinzBlindHund Livewire Night :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0 Anthrocon - Puckin' Fawsome Vol 2 by YinzBlindHund Anthrocon - Puckin' Fawsome Vol 2 :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0 Early 2017 Catalog by YinzBlindHund Early 2017 Catalog :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0 Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer Graphic by YinzBlindHund Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer Graphic :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 3 0 First Deviation in Ages - AdWolfPA Logo by YinzBlindHund First Deviation in Ages - AdWolfPA Logo :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 3 4 YinzBlindHund's Free to use Eyes Pack - Vol. 1 by YinzBlindHund YinzBlindHund's Free to use Eyes Pack - Vol. 1 :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 4 0 Puckin' Fawsome Anthrocon Tee by YinzBlindHund Puckin' Fawsome Anthrocon Tee :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 1 Puckin' Fawsome Anthrocon Tee - No Text by YinzBlindHund Puckin' Fawsome Anthrocon Tee - No Text :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0 Puckin' Fawsome Anthrocon Tee - Alternative Colors by YinzBlindHund Puckin' Fawsome Anthrocon Tee - Alternative Colors :iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0
My spirit changes moods at various times of day.  Sometimes I appear alone, and sometimes I want to play.  Various things can effect me a bit.  They can make me happy or make me feel like shit.
It's like I'm outside of my own control, but my balance stands firm and I just tug on the cord.  I will move however the hell I please, but my mind will randomly keep shifting.
I hate it and I love it, because when I should be sad I'm glad, but when people come around, I might act quite mad.  Who the hell knows where this coaster leads, but if you like my presence, you have only seen one me.  There are more, but they're not different men.  They are one being talking to different ends.
:iconyinzblindhund:YinzBlindHund 0 0


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Marcus Rison
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
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Humanity is an entire entity away from Mankind. Man is divided by the goodness of heart and the depth of soul into either unity or squander. As I'd say, unity is what makes a race of people an elite people, and division is simply that. We get infinitely smaller until every individual is madhatting each other apart at the heart and destroying life as we know it. I am a member of Humanity. Which group do you belong to?

Hi! My name is Ryan! I am a graduate of the prestigious Seneca Valley Senior High School, where I excelled studying in Advertising Design, Graphic Design, Film, Photography, Animation and Art. I am a former member of the award winning Seneca Valley Raider Marching Band, where I played trombone as an instrumentalist.

I am a guy that loves to chill, talk to people online, write and delve into a little philosophy, that is if I am not at work, at a game or in a rehearsal.

I am a thinker, but I am also a dreamer. We need a little more peace out there. Unfortunately, peace comes at a bit of a price (thanks Obama). If you couldn't tell anything about me in a conversation, or if you are new to me, just ask! Bellow is a list of stamps too! You can tell alot about me from them!
Stampery by FritzicACDC by old-mc-donaldOzzy Osbourne Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanKorn Nu Metal Stamp by dA--bogeymanKISS Animated Logo Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanBoston Classic Rock Stamp by dA--bogeymanQueen Classic Rock Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanLabyrinth Stamp : David Bowie by dA--bogeymanSgt Peppers Animated by TheStampQueenAladdin Sane Stamp by TheStampQueenStamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerekFurry inside, Stamp by JazzaXHuman and Furry Equality Stamp by IxbranPeace Stamp by morestarinatthestarsWeird Stamp by Kojima2087My stamp :D by crazy-mushroomGuns N' Roses Stamp by bluesoru

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